To the young: work, work, work, and then work some more,Continuous
-not strength or intelligence—is the key to unlocking your potential

Welcome to Toss the best Karate Academy experience in UAE, where we are happy to embrace you with open arms

If you’re seeking the best Karate academy in the UAE, look no further than TOSS Academy known for its top-level training, it combines martial arts expertise with a focus on self-defense and personal development. As the better choice for ambitious professionals and enthusiasts alike, TOSS Academy stands out as the epitome of supremacy in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. 

At TOSS Academy, experience a trans-formative martial arts journey where motivation, discipline, and self-discovery go hand in hand. Under the guidance of skilled instructors,  students learn karate techniques that Favor their Success

Leading future champions, TOSS Academy in the UAE consistently produces exceptional winners on national and international stages. The academy’s dedication to promoting talent and delivering world-class training drives its students to the peaks of karate achievements.

Beyond the competitive realm, TOSS Academy provides a secure space for personal development. In this supportive environment, students not only acquire self-defense skills but also develop self-confidence, persistence, and self-discipline.


What sets TOSS Karate Academy apart is its firm dedication to delivering an integrated and trans-formative karate experience. The academy welcomes students of all ages and skill levels to grow beyond expectations prioritizing a super-friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Meet Our Team

Team spirit is promoted among players, creating emotional strength . Our friendly and cooperative atmosphere creates a positive social experience


Choose your lessons and grow at your own pace. You get multiple membership options to choose from, find your passion for Football with us.


Call us and schedule your events with us International level space and amenities are waiting for you. So, book an appointment to view the venue if it fits your budget


Football ground and Court rental services which includes Indoor volleyball court, basketball court, badminton court & Outdoor football turf with a 7 aside and three 5 aside pitches.

Monthly Rates

Pay monthly and get cricket coaching with trained experts. Gym, fitness training & swimming pool facilities available.


Call us and schedule events with us. We have space and amenities to meet your various requirements


You get to choose from different tiers of memberships and get the type of development you need from us .

TOSS aims at

Recognizing individual needs

Leading students to become top-notch players

Raising standards through systematic coaching & practice

Participating in local/social/community events

Providing scholarship to members

Laying the fundamental foundation for beginners

Collaborating with schools, clubs & associations

Assisting in the sponsorship of worthy players

Frequently Asked Question

What is the mission and vision of your football academy in the UAE?

Our mission is to provide top-quality football training, nurture talent, and promote a passion for the sport. Our vision is to create well-rounded athletes and future football stars. 

What age groups do you cater to in your academy?

We accept participants of various age groups, starting from as young as 5 years old, up to teenagers and adults. Our programs are tailored to the specific needs of each age group. 

What types of training programs do you offer?

We offer a variety of training programs, including skill development, tactical training, fitness, and goalkeeper training. We also offer specialized programs for beginners and advanced players. 

Who are your coaches, and what is their experience?

Our coaching staff consists of highly experienced and certified coaches. Many of them have played at professional levels and have extensive coaching backgrounds. 

What is the duration and frequency of training sessions?

Training sessions can vary in duration and frequency depending on the program and age group. We offer both weekly and intensive training programs.