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Train your child and bring out their inner potential. With Toss Academy this year, under experienced and certified coaches. Students can hone their skills, grasp our refined gaming techniques, and warm up their muscles for an inspiring new year

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Easiest to access court rentals.

Experience our easy to access and economical court rental services for indoor volleyball court, indoor basketball court, indoor badminton courts and outdoor football turf. Get prepared to taste the best gaming platform in the UAE ever.

Indoor Volleyball Court

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Indoor Basketball Court

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All Weekends


8 Sessions per month

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Indoor Volleyball


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Weekdays (Mon - Fri) – 7 PM to 12 PM


Weekends: 6.00 AM to 12 PM

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Special Rate for NIMS Students & Alumnites

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Team spirit is promoted among players, creating emotional strength . Our friendly and cooperative atmosphere creates a positive social experience


Choose your lessons and grow at your own pace. You get multiple membership options to choose from, find your passion for Cricket with us.


Call us and schedule your events with us International level space and amenities are waiting for you. So, book an appointment to view the venue if it fits your budget


Cricket ground and Court rental services which includes Indoor volleyball court, basketball court, badminton court & Outdoor football turf with a 7 aside and three 5 aside pitches.

Commitment & diligence: Success and fame do not happen overnight. It’s the result of years of toiling, with diligence that’s driven and commitment that lasts. The only true mantra chanted in TOSS is “Practice makes a man perfect”.

Badminton Player smash


Welcome to TOSS Academy UAE, the premier sports academy in Dubai! Immerse yourself in a world of athletic possibilities as we combine our rich heritage with a non-profit ethos to create an exceptional range of sporting opportunities. At TOSS Academy, we are dedicated to promoting better health, socialization and the seamless integration of sports into daily life.

Monthly Rates

Pay monthly and get cricket coaching with trained experts. Gym, fitness training & swimming pool facilities available.


Call us and schedule events with us. We have space and amenities to meet your various requirements


You get to choose from different tiers of memberships and get the type of development you need from us .

TOSS aims at

Recognizing individual needs

Leading students to become top-notch players

Raising standards through systematic coaching & practice

Laying the fundamental foundation for beginners

Collaborating with schools, clubs & associations

Participating in local/social/community events

Providing scholarship to members

Assisting in the sponsorship of worthy players

Raising standards via inspiring idols

International events and sports stars motivate young players to stimulate their talents. The game plans and strategic maneuvers of well-known cricket players which are worth learning are explained to serve as inspiration. 

Optimistic aura

There is no place for judgments in TOSS, so the players have the liberty to commit errors and improve their game. They are backed by cooperative and encouraging forces that accelerate their dreams. TOSS believes in establishing a positive sporting culture to eradicate stress, and conquer limitations.